Gems of delight

	Jewellery created by Stine Bülow

Jewellery created by Stine Bülow

Jewellery & watches: Accessorising, we are told, is the key to completing an outfit, expressing personality and creating style. Chosen wisely, jewellery is the perfect addition. Incidentally, it also makes a nice Christmas present.

Ask any stylish Danes if they’ve heard of Stine Bülow and chances are they’ll look at you in disbelief for even asking the question. In Luxembourg though--where the renowned goldsmith moved to four years ago for the sake of love--her unique jewellery has not yet reached the same heights of fame.

“Not having a storefront here like I did in Copenhagen obviously makes it more difficult to be seen.”

She does however welcome potential customers to her workshop, situated

in the Art Rooms Studio in Luxembourg City, and plans on having a weekly opening to make impromptu visits easier.

“I’d really like to focus more on the local market and also expand to the bordering countries. At the moment, my biggest demand is from Sweden.”

In addition to her own Bülow Fine Jewellery and her Vintage Fable collection, Bülow also designs for Danish brands like Kranz & Ziegler and has an ongoing collaboration with Tusnelda Bloch.

“Design is what I do best, I’m always inspired. Behind every piece of jewellery, there’s a thought, a story. I like the idea that I’m making something very special, something unique.”

Which also explains why there is so much interest for her custom made items. “When I see or meet someone, I can’t help imagining what would suit them,what they’d look good in”.

The vibrant Dane initially trained to be a classic musician (she played the

clarinet and the bassoon) but that plan changed definitively after she took a graphic and industrial design course after high school.

“My teacher there asked me if I’d ever considered being a goldsmith and things suddenly fell into place. I knew that was what I wanted to do. It was strange in a way because my grandfather was a goldsmith. But as he changed jobs later in life, I had never seen him make jewellery.”

Goldsmith apprenticeships aren’t easy to come by and Bülow had to force her way in. After her four years as an apprentice, she was hired by the famous Georg Jensen group where she learned “to be quick, meticulous and weld to perfection” and went on to work for a repair centre before opening her own, quickly successful, boutique in Copenhagen.

“It’s essential to be a good craftsman too. If you’re not, you can’t make beautiful things.”

And whether you like the raw or the feminine look, there probably is no other word that beautiful to describe Bülow’s designs. Strangely enough, she herself admits to not having a favourite piece of own creation.

“The problem is that when I wear jewellery I’ve made, people want to buy it, so I never have it for very long at the time.”

Bülow will exhibit during “Le marché des créateurs” at Mudam from December 4 to 8.