Lux-Dub cancellation confirmed



Travel: A meeting with Luxair has ended in disappointment for representatives of the campaign to preserve a direct flight between Luxembourg and Dublin.

Hilary Fitzgibbon and fellow members of the Save the Luxair Lux-Dub route campaign, which has gathered some 1,330 “likes” on Facebook, met with Luxair representatives earlier today. Fitzgibbon says that Luxair figures showing average capacity on the route, coupled with high fixed costs, indicate that it is difficult for the national carrier to maintain the route without making a substantial loss. 

Indeed, she says that Luxair would need to run a daily morning and evening flight with a larger plane to make the route viable, something that the airline cannot manage with its current fleet. “Obviously we are completely gutted, but to be fair, based on the figures they showed us we are grateful that they kept the route going for so long!” says Fitzgibbon.

She thanked supporters of the campaign and pledged to carry on the group’s efforts to get another airline to consider flying the connection. “We are going to Plan B, which is to contact other airlines such as Aerlingus and CityJet etc to see if they would be interested in the route.”