Luxembourg versus Switzerland

	Gilles Muller practicing in 2011
 Olivier Minaire (archives)

Gilles Muller practicing in 2011  Olivier Minaire (archives)

Tennis: Wimbledon’s second round promises an interesting Luxembourg-Swiss face off.

Tennis fans in the Grand Duchy will have their eyes on the centre court at Wimbleton this Thursday. That is when Luxembourg player Gilles Muller, nicknamed “Mulles”, will confront seven-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer.

Considered by many as Luxembourg’s best tennis player, left-handed Muller has competed in the Wimbledon championship six times, never obtaining the champion title. The Luxembourger started to gain notice after he became a US Open Junior Champion in 2001.

Another of his remarkable accomplishments includes getting into the US Open quarter finals in 2008, where he lost to no other than Roger Federer, only two years older than Muller.

The Luxembourger and the Swiss have already met three other times, with Federer always managing to claim victory. This match, during the fourth day of the event, is dangerous territory for Muller. Federer is seeking to obtain the historical record of an eight-time Wimbledon champion with grand motivation, telling Swiss magazine L’illustré that he has “found his serenity again and is back at his best”. He has now competed at the event 15 times.

This however doesn’t cut down Muller’s motivation, who told Luxembourg newspaper Le Quotidien, that he plans to “Go on the court to win”.

The 2 p.m. (Luxembourg time) match will show if Muller has learned his lessons from previous matches with Federer.