A mine to remember

	Visitors to Stolzembourg copper mine

Visitors to Stolzembourg copper mine  ONT

Underground adventure: Autumn is in the air but that’s not an excuse to stay put! Here is a fun place you can take the kids to make a day special.

Most children like wandering around in caves and tunnels but if you’re tired of visiting the Casemates, why not head to the copper mine in Stolzemburg?

The mine is more than 500 years old and in recent years some of the underground galleries have been made accessible to the public.

Open till the end of October, they are definitely worth a tour. Kids generally love putting on the helmets, macs and boots everyone is given before descending 50 meters.

There is also a museum tracing the history of the mine and the region--and if you want to make the visit longer, you can take the thematic circuit from the village to the copper mine.

It’s a nice walk (2.5 km) and on the way you learn about the nature and the geology of the surroundings.

Entry (€3 for 6-12 year olds, €7 for adults) includes access to the didactic path plus a guided tour of the museum and the underground shafts.

Stolzemburg, complete with vast forests and narrow valleys, is situated in the Our Valley, 6 km upstream from Vianden.