A Chamber of Deputies debate in 2008
 Luc Deflorenne

A Chamber of Deputies debate in 2008  Luc Deflorenne

A petition to parliament aiming to change the national flag to the Roude Léiw (Red Lion) was launched on 18 April. Adrien Lebrun, the petitioner, wants the country to “adopt a new flag, more specific to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg”.

He considers this move important in order to differentiate the Luxembourg flag from the French and the Dutch ones.

At the time of writing, public petition number 635 had only received 52 signatures. To be taken into consideration officially, it needs to get 4500 signatures by 30 May. If so, the Chamber of Deputies would have to debate on the subject.

A similar petition was set up in July 2015 but failed to reach the threshold. The goal was also to put the Red Lion on the flag, one of the Grand Duchy’s most widely recognised symbols.

The current red, white and blue flag of the country was officially adopted on 1972, but has been used since 1848.