Netflix to launch in Luxembourg

	A user accesses Netflix’s mobile app
 Flickr user Shardayyy/Creative Commons (2012)

A user accesses Netflix’s mobile app  Flickr user Shardayyy/Creative Commons (2012)

Digital media: The Grand Duchy is gaining the American video streaming service, but losing its European HQ.

Online film and TV streaming service Netflix will launch in the Grand Duchy “later this year”, it announced on its Twitter feed; however the company will move its European headquarters from the Grand Duchy to the Netherlands, according to Luxembourg’s prime minister.

Netflix will also begin service this year in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium, the company said in a press statement.

Although it produces its own TV series, Netflix does not hold international distribution rights to all movies and programmes in its library. The company said it would announce “pricing, programming and supported devices… at a later date.”

The Silicon Valley-based media firm already has more than 48 million members, who watch “more than one billion hours of TV shows and movies per month”, it said. Netflix was founded in 1997 offering DVD rentals by post. Its streaming service started in 2007, and launched in the UK and Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in 2012, and in the Netherlands last year.

Netflix will relocate its European regional headquarters to Amsterdam, likely in the beginning of next year, Xavier Bettel wrote in a response to a parliamentary question. The office had been set up in July 2011.

Luxembourg’s government had tried to dissuade Netflix from moving, Bettel said. He suggested that the video stream firm faced recruitment challenges in the Grand Duchy.