New CLC chief


 David Laurent / Wide (archives)

Newsmakers: Gary Kneip was elected Tuesday as president of the CLC, the federation which represents the Grand Duchy’s trade, services and transport sectors.

Kneip is co-founder and CEO of SecureIT, the Bettembourg-based datacenter provider. He previously founded two other Luxembourg technology firms, Digital Equipment Luxembourg and TECSYS, and managed the ICT division of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, now Dexia-BIL.

Prior to yesterday’s vote, Kneip had been a vice president of the CLC. He is a board member of APSI, Luxembourg’s association of ICT professionals, OPAL, the alternative telecommunications operators association, and Luxembourg’s employers’ mutual social insurance and social security investment funds.

The CLC’s board of directors also elected a new executive committee on Tuesday, consisting of Kneip, CLC director Thierry Nothum, newly elected vice presidents Marianne Welter of transport firm Arthur Welter and Bob Walté of Leaseplan Luxembourg, and re-elected vice president Laurent Schonckert of retailer Cactus.