New Frankfurt bus



Travel: A new bus line connecting Luxembourg with Frankfurt am Main airport and Frankfurt’s main train station will launch later this month.

DeLux-Express will begin service on March 20, with departures from the Gare Centrale and Kirchberg eight times per day. The journey takes about four hours between Luxembourg’s main train station and Germany’s largest airport.

The line will go through Trier, Birkenfeld, Kaiserslautern and Mainz, before reaching the airport and then heading into Frankfurt city centre. However, the service cannot take passengers between Luxembourg and Trier, as it does not have permits for “local traffic,” the company says.

Tickets between Luxembourg and Frankfurt will run 35 euro for adults and €17.50 for children 14 and under. However, to promote the launch DeLux-Express says it will offer 20 tickets on each bus run between March 20 and April 6 for five euro.

The line is owned by Luxembourg bus operator Voyages Emile Weber and SWT Stadtwerke Trier Verkehrs, a municipally-owned transport firm.

Flibco, operated by competitor Sales-Lentz, has operated bus service to Charleroi and Hahn Airports, used by budget air carriers, for several years. (in German)