Scottish delights

Traditions: The Scottish Association celebrated St. Andrew’s Day in high spirits this weekend with bagpipes, jigs, speeches, kilts and whisky tasting at the British ambassador’s residence.

“It was a great wee night,” said Michael Doyle, the president of the Scottish Association in Luxembourg--and not one of the over 100 people who attended the St Andrew’s festivities (and remembered it!) could possibly disagree.

For the third year running, Scotland’s national day was celebrated at the British ambassador’s residence. Guests were welcomed by the Luxembourg Pipe Band, and though there were many a handsome kilt wearer, not all of the attendees were Scottish.

“It’s important for us to share the rich Scottish culture in Luxembourg as we are all fiercely proud of our country. The Scottish community loves getting together for a good party and anyone can join in at our events,” explained Doyle.

Those not too familiar with St. Andrew got the chance to catch up thanks to Mags Ferns, whose speech about the patron saint of Scotland and the celebration of all great things Scottish got the crowd laughing and cheering.

The Scottish Country Dance Club then put on an as always engaging dance display before inviting the happy guests to join them in a jig.

All in all, a warm-hearted evening that left many who weren’t Scottish wishing they were. Luckily, St. Andrew’s only marks the beginning of Scotland’s winter celebrations!