Sporting challenge

	Alessandra Tomasin
 Sven Becker

Alessandra Tomasin  Sven Becker

Luxembourg Red Cross: International volunteers are preparing for the “Triple C” fundraiser.

Generally the site of national sports team training, the INS facility in Cents hosts the “Centenary Corporate Challenge” fundraising competition on the last Sunday in June.

The “Triple C” helps mark the 100th anniversary of the Luxembourg Red Cross, explains Jonathan Kent, president of the group’s international section. It is looking to field 20 teams of 15 athletes in several track and field disciplines.

Among others, Elvinger Hoss & Prussen, Deloitte and HSBC have already signed up, he says.

This type of tournament “brings a lot of people who work in corporations together; it’s an opportunity to meet and network, and find out about different aspects of life in Luxembourg at a fun event,” says HSBC shot putter Eugen Taso.

And after learning about local Red Cross activities in recent years, he reckons it is important “to show support for their work, to show that corporations in Luxembourg actually care.”

In addition to sporting challenges, there will be food and activities for families and kids, and the day is open to the public, notes Kent.

Alessandra Tomasin, one of the volunteers helping to organise the Triple C, hopes to see “a lot of happy faces and motivated teams out to win” at the event.

At press time, “registration is still open” for a couple of teams, and she says the Red Cross is still looking for volunteers to help with both preparations and on the day itself.

The event takes place this Saturday, June 29, at the Institut national des sports in Luxembourg-Cents. For more information, email [email protected].