Mike Koedinger and Kamel Amroune at the signing ceremony for the creation of the GIE to launch a tech event in Luxembourg. Photo: Maison Moderne

Mike Koedinger and Kamel Amroune at the signing ceremony for the creation of the GIE to launch a tech event in Luxembourg. Photo: Maison Moderne

The Dots and Maison Moderne have joined forces to form an economic interest group (GIE). The aim is to create a new international tech event in Luxembourg, Nexus 2050. The first edition will take place in early summer 2024.

“Through Nexus 2050, we are starting an ambitious chapter for Luxembourg. We are calling on the international community to join us and witness the technological evolution that we are planning. Nexus 2050 will be the catalyst for a lasting transformation”, stated the well-known founder and CEO of The Dots, , in a press release issued on Tuesday 21 November.

“Joining forces with the mastermind behind many successful editions of ICT Spring for the Nexus 2050 project is a natural step for Maison Moderne,” said , founder and CEO of Maison Moderne, the company that publishes Delano and Paperjam. “We look forward to continuing the legacy of what has been a landmark event, paving the way for a new era of innovation. Nexus 2050 will be a testament to an evolution, respectfully acknowledging the work that has been done over more than a decade to increase the country's attractiveness in technology.””

"The term ‘Nexus 2050’ embodies the concept of a central connection or a series of connections linking several elements. It symbolises the anticipated convergence of ideas, cultures and technologies. The name of the event reflects its ambition to be at the heart of a web of innovation, acting as a bridge to the future", said Amroune, while Koedinger added that “this new international event proposes to support the government in its efforts to achieve a digital and ecological transition, hence our reference to 2050, the year by which economies must achieve carbon neutrality. Nexus 2050 will also help to attract talent for Luxembourg technology companies, as well as international companies looking to set up in Europe. We are positioning ourselves as an agile and well-connected partner for many of Luxembourg’s institutions.”

In early summer 2024, the event will take place in Luxembourg City to inspire and influence Luxembourg’s technology ecosystem, with interactive sessions, presentations and panel discussions, around different verticals such as artificial intelligence, finance of the future and Europe’s impact on the global technology scene, the release stated.

Originally published in French by and translated for Delano