Luxembourg Pride

Nicolas Van Elsué on the LGBTI+ community’s glass ceiling

With Luxembourg Pride on the horizon, Delano’s Teodor Georgiev sat down with Nicolas Van Elsué, board member of Rosa Luxembourg to discuss how straightnormativity has crept in the LGBTI+ community among other issues.

Luxembourg had its first pride in 1999 and although a lot of progress has been made since, there is a sense that a glass ceiling holding back some of the community’s members still exists. Although some LGBTI+ people feel free to be as they are, straightnormativity or heteronormativity has left an impact which limits those on the fringes of the community.

“The gays and lesbians following the heteronormative way of living, meaning buying a house, getting married, [could end up] falling in the easy category. Your life will be standard, easy, you will have not as many difficulties. However, if your lifestyle is different, [if you are] polyamorous or if you are looking for other types of relationships or if you’re nonbinary, [or] a trans person then your life suddenly becomes a lot more different and a lot more difficult,” explains Van Elsué.

If a trans person would like to undergo a transition and wants to benefit from the CNS, they need to provide a document by a psychiatrist stating that they are not suffering from a disorder. One of Rosa Luxembourg’s demands are to do away with that requirement.

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