Notz Stucki becomes NS Partners

Notz Stucki becomes NS Partners  ® NS Partners

Notz Stucki becomes NS Partners  ® NS Partners

Geneva-based asset management group NOTZ STUCKI becomes NS PARTNERS. This shift will be marked by a visual identity makeover, with a refashioned logo and a new slogan.

The change is a response to the company's development over the past few years. In fact, two years ago our Group entered a new phase in its development, which translated into a renewal of its organisation.

“In addition, while its original focus was on private banking and alternative funds, NS PARTNERS has greatly diversified over the past few years, as seen in the success of its traditional investment funds and the growth of its investment fund services and engineering at its Luxembourg ManCo”, said Paolo Faraone, CEO of NS Partners Europe S.A.

The letters NS, which we already use for our funds and some of our projects, are the initials of our two founders, Beat Notz and Christian Stucki. They tell our story in a concrete way and attest to our wish to maintain continuity. As for the word PARTNERS, it expresses the inclusion of new shareholders and the partnerships that we plan to create with our employees, our business partners, and our clients”, said Frédéric de Poix, Member of the Executive Committee.

A new Motto

This name change comes with a new motto, “Invest with talent”, reflecting NS PARTNERS’ conviction that there are truly talented individuals who generate real added value in terms of investing.

“Starting in the ‘60s, the group has been a pioneer in selecting the world's best fund managers and in working in open architecture. This innovative concept was a huge success, making NS PARTNERS one of the top independent wealth managers in Switzerland today. At the same time, drawing on synergies with our internal management teams, we have developed substantial expertise in several key themes”, added Cédric Dingens, Member of the Executive Committee.

The company names of the Group's various entities have changed as a result, as has the website address, which is now


Founded in 1964, NS PARTNERS is now one of the largest independent investment management groups in Switzerland and in Europe. NS PARTNERS has developed unrivalled expertise in selecting the best fund managers from around the world and combining them to build top-performing and resilient portfolios. At the same time, NS PARTNERS has built a diversified range of traditional strategies with a proven track record.

NS PARTNERS is management-owned, fiercely independent, and free of any outside pressure that might jeopardise its impartiality. Its managers invest alongside its clients, ensuring that interests are fully aligned.

NS PARTNERS Group manages or administers some CHF 11 billion in assets across three highly complementary activities:

-    Wealth Management: Discretionary and advisory management

-    Asset Management: NS Funds and investment solutions

-    ManCo/AIFM: Fund engineering and dedicated fund services

NS PARTNERS has over 110 employees in seven offices around the world (Geneva, Zurich, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan and Bermuda).