Now available in 3 languages, the podcast Perspectives is attracting an ever-growing audience

In 2019, Banque de Luxembourg has joined forces with Maison Moderne to revitalise its Perspectives newsletter, which is released four times a year, and to broaden the private bank's reach to a multicultural target audience that is representative of Luxembourg: Luxembourgers, French, Belgians, Germans, and also English speakers.

The Perspectives newsletter, produced and distributed by Banque de Luxembourg to its clients, is a paper document that allows them to discover financial and economic analyses through the eyes of its experts. It is very complete and intended for a well-informed public.

The new podcast format, which was set up together with Banque de Luxembourg and thanks to the contribution of Guy Wagner, made it possible to offer a fluid and interactive view to a wider target audience. With a maximum duration of 20 minutes per episode, the podcast creates a narrative context that makes it possible to decipher and make accessible a complex theme, while humanising each subject through Guy Wagner's specialised expertise. Perfectly trilingual, for the past 4 episodes, he has been able to give his interventions in French, English and German. 

In order to multiply the points of contact and the modes of narration, each podcast is accompanied by an article on and amplified through a powerful device combining native advertising and push display.

Thanks to this strategy, it was possible to maintain a rhythm of distribution, even during the pandemic and the lockdown. For four years now, the Perspectives podcast has succeeded in capturing a real audience that has always been loyal and has continued to grow.

The Perspectives podcast in figures:

- More than 12,000 cumulative listens since 2019

- Over 10,000 readers on Paperjam and Delano

- The readership of Paperjam and Delano has more than doubled in three years.

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