Orsolya Kelemen, talent acquisition lead at KPMG in Luxembourg. Photo: KPMG

Orsolya Kelemen, talent acquisition lead at KPMG in Luxembourg. Photo: KPMG

In today’s digital era, when some companies are starting to use AI for preliminary CV screenings, how can your CV stand out? Orsolya Kelemen, KPMG Luxembourg’s talent acquisition lead, shares simple ways to crack the code.

1. Structured and easy to review

Use standard fonts and an organised format with headings and bullet points so the AI algorithms can extract and interpret relevant information. Don’t forget to include your contact details!

2. Keywords are key

Naturally incorporate keywords specific to the job description, such as relevant skills and technologies. Quantify your key achievements by using numbers.

3. Social media

Your online professional profile, such as LinkedIn, also acts as a CV, so update your job titles, skills and work experience to match your CV and reinforce your qualifications. Your personal brand starts with your social media activity.

4. Remember to add a human touch

While optimising your CV for AI screenings is important, it should still resonate with human recruiters who may review your resume.