eFarmz deliverers have started to deliver organic and local products... to customers in Luxembourg. (Photo: eFarmz)

eFarmz deliverers have started to deliver organic and local products... to customers in Luxembourg. (Photo: eFarmz)

Belgian start-up eFarmz has announced that it is starting to deliver to customers in Luxembourg. Its promise: organic products or boxes of products from small local producers. No waste and no spoilage.

Launched by Murielle Bernard in 2013 to make organic and local products accessible to Brussels' city dwellers, eFarmz continues to grow, expanding its network to Luxembourg since last week.

With 150 producers supplying its stocks three times a week--the majority of which are in the province of Luxembourg--the jump across the border seemed an obvious development for eFarmz.

Is this service a new HelloFresh? "We distinguish ourselves in several ways: we are one of the only players in the market to offer both shopping products and boxed meals. We try to offer mostly organic and local products, and when this is not the case, we always check their origin. Finally, we are as sustainable as possible: we limit waste, we try to put as little packaging as possible in the orders, we reuse the boxes and we have returnable products," says Camille Oger, who is in charge of promoting the company’s services.

Two food bloggers and a dietician

Oger promises that Luxembourg producers will also be gradually brought into the loop--there will soon be a coffee supplier. The trickier part will be to find farmers who are not bound by exclusive contracts to Luxembourg players such as Cactus.

At eFarmz, every week, two food bloggers propose twenty recipes using fresh, seasonal products. After being tested internally, ten are integrated into the sales platform. eFarmz also relies on feedback from customers; the recipes that could be reused are adapted to appeal to a wider public. Regularly, a dietician checks the recipes.

"During the lockdown," says Oger, "our orders tripled. Our customers stayed and continued to buy fresh, local produce," she insists, in dialogue with farmers and other market gardeners. eFarmz packed 150,000 orders last year.

With deliveries from Cactus, Luxcaddy.lu and Simply You Box, there will be no shortage of good produce on the market.

This story was first published in French on . It has been translated and edited for Delano.