Paperjam+Delano Finance newsletters to become Delano Finance newsletter

The Delano Finance newsletter serves professionals working in Luxembourg’s financial sector. Photo: Maison Moderne

The Delano Finance newsletter serves professionals working in Luxembourg’s financial sector. Photo: Maison Moderne

The Paperjam+Delano Finance newsletters are transforming into the Delano Finance newsletter.

Maison Moderne, the publisher of Delano and Paperjam, is merging its weekly finance sector newsletters.

The Paperjam finance newsletter, published in French, and Delano finance newsletter, published in English, launched in October 2021. Both editions have featured the same original reporting on Luxembourg’s financial sector from the combined Paperjam+Delano newsroom.

That combined coverage will continue in a single Delano finance newsletter, distributed on Tuesday afternoons. The lead language for the new format will be English, with links to the French versions of all original stories, published on

Many subscribers currently receive both versions. With the switch, subscription lists will be merged and readers will receive one version.

Advertisers will have access to a single newsletter with more than 33,000 subscribers and can choose to communicate in either English or French in their display or native advertisements.

The move reflects Delano’s shift towards covering Luxembourg’s financial community in greater breadth and depth. In recent months, Delano has increasingly focused on the grand duchy’s financial sector, which directly and indirectly represents roughly one-third of the country’s workforce. Delano aims to the be number one local news source for Luxembourg’s financial community.

The revamped Delano finance newsletter will launch on Tuesday 14 March.