Over 6,800 new Luxembourgers in 2021

A previous law allowed people with proven Luxembourg ancestry to apply for a passport.  Photo: Shutterstock

A previous law allowed people with proven Luxembourg ancestry to apply for a passport.  Photo: Shutterstock

Last year, 6,801 people gained the Luxembourg nationality. This represents a significant decrease from the year prior, where 9,389 had claimed their Luxembourg ancestry for a passport.  

The law is currently not in effect anymore, however, anyone who passed the first step before 31 December 2018 can still complete the second step until 31 December 2022, a deadline that was extended because of the pandemic as it requires applicants to sign paperwork in person in Luxembourg.

Over its ten years of existence, however, it allowed 31,151 people to claim their citizenship. The condition for the approval of an application relied on several factors, namely a certificate proving a link to a Luxembourger born after 1 January 1900 and an in-person signature of papers following the handing in of various administrative documents. 

In 2021, 1,704 successful applicants came from France, followed by 1,141 people from Portugal, 844 Belgians and 289 Germans. In total, people from 116 countries acquired Luxembourg nationality in 2021, from Brazil and Colombia to Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Nepal and even one from North Korea.

The Luxembourg passport remains one of the most powerful worldwide, retaining its fourth place in the Henley Passport Index (HPI) 2021, though its full effect has been dampened by pandemic-induced travel restrictions.