Petitions for closer analysis of covid deaths and less plastic

Petitions have to reach 4,500 signatures in 6 weeks to be debated in parliament.  Photo: Shutterstock

Petitions have to reach 4,500 signatures in 6 weeks to be debated in parliament.  Photo: Shutterstock

On 21 January, 13 new petitions were received by the chamber of deputies. Among the subjects were a demand for a closer inspection of covid deaths, a deposit on plastic bottles and cans, as well as less wasteful wrapping around produce in supermarkets.

Petitioners have six weeks to collect 4,500 valid signatures to allow their subject to be discussed in an open debate in parliament. Some petitions were, similar to recent petitions, relating to the sanitary crisis.  

“After two years we should finally know how many people really died with or from the virus”, a petition states, asking for automatic autopsies of any patient who died after testing positive for coronavirus. Meanwhile, a petition demanded a financial risk-bonus for unvaccinated workers who test negative, on the premise that vaccinated staff who are not tested pose a threat to their health. On 15 January, a law introducing mandatory 3G CovidCheck in the workplace was introduced.

Another petition requested air filters for all schools, arguing that since schools have to remain open, filters should be installed to better avoid contagion amongst students and staff members. In a similar vein, homeschooling for high school students was suggested by a citizen, as infection rates in the educational sector have exploded since returning from the winter break. Nearly 400 teachers were in isolation at the start of the year, due to coronavirus, which caused organisational challenges for schools.

The environment was also a focus in this week’s propositions, with a demand to impose a deposit on plastic bottles and cans, as well as a reduction of unnecessary packaging on supermarket products. Live lobsters should also not be sold in supermarkets anymore, argued a third petitioner.

Lastly, the interdiction of addictive gambling games on TV, the introduction of school uniforms, as well as a cemetery for animals were requested. All petitions will need to reach the 4,500 signature threshold to be discussed in parliament .