Azqore’s new CEO Pierre Masclet (pictured) is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Photo: Indosuez Wealth Management

Azqore’s new CEO Pierre Masclet (pictured) is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Photo: Indosuez Wealth Management

Digital services firm Azqore, a subsidiary of Indosuez Wealth Management, has appointed a new CEO.

Pierre Masclet is to succeed Pascal Exertier as CEO of Azqore, according to a press release from 13 March. Masclet will take up the position on 1 May; Exertier is retiring.

Azqore operates in the wealth management industry, providing services in information systems outsourcing and banking transaction processing. It has locations in Switzerland and Singapore, while parent company Indosuez Wealth Management has offices worldwide including Luxembourg. (Indosuez is itself a brand of Crédit Acricole.)

“Pierre Masclet’s mission will be to further develop Azqore as a business and strengthen its value proposition to its clients,” said the press release.

Masclet has 30 years’ experience in wealth management within the Indosuez group. He was named CEO of Indosuez in Asia in 2017 and deputy CEO of Indosuez in 2019.