Public holidays

Plan your long weekends in 2022

18 April--Easter Monday--marks the first long weekend in 2022 Photo:

18 April--Easter Monday--marks the first long weekend in 2022 Photo:

Public holidays will result in several long weekends in 2022 and the opportunity to “faire le pont” and have a four-day weekend with just one day of leave.

The first long weekend in Luxembourg will come in April, with Easter Monday on 18 April. There’s a missed opportunity on 1 May, which will fall on a Sunday, but 9 May--a public holiday since 2019 to mark the foundation of the EU--is a Monday.

Ascension Day is on Thursday 26 May with the option to take one day of leave for a four-day weekend, also known as “doing the bridge” or “faire le pont” in French and “Brücke machen” in German.

Whit Monday means a long weekend from 4 to 6 June. And June also brings another chance for a four-day weekend as national day on 23 June is a Thursday.

Assumption Day on 15 August is a Monday, another long weekend.

The third, and last, opportunity for a bridge weekend is 1 November, which falls on a Tuesday. And you’ll be able to benefit from an extra hour of sleep as clocks go back between 29 and 30 October.

Christmas brings a long weekend with 26 December on a Monday. However, the end of the year looks similar to 2021, with New Year’s Day on a Sunday, meaning it’s back to work on 2 January.