Expo 2020

Plans in motion for Luxembourg day, trade missions in Dubai

The Luxembourg day will hold on 23 January at the World Expo in Dubai   GIE LUX @ EXPO 2020 - Keller Fotografie

The Luxembourg day will hold on 23 January at the World Expo in Dubai   GIE LUX @ EXPO 2020 - Keller Fotografie

Although no member of the government will be travelling from Luxembourg to Dubai to represent the country during the Luxembourg day, scheduled to be held on 23 January at the World Expo in Dubai, plans for the national day and other trade missions are forging ahead.

The decision by the government was made following concerns about the evolution of the health crisis in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, plans have been ongoing to ensure the day remains a memorable one. As part of the program for the day, the artist collective Kenschtlerkollektiv is envisaged to play an active role, Pauline Weis, the media and communication manager at the Luxembourg Pavilion tells Delano.

Despite the health-related drawback, the sustainability mission and matchmaking event organised by the Luxembourg chamber of commerce around the Luxembourg day is also confirmed to hold, although with few changes in the program. 

Following some last-minute cancellations, about 50% (36 participants) of the initial number of registered participants for the sustainability missions left for Dubai on 17 January, Cindy Tereba, director of international affairs at the chamber of commerce said, adding that few cancellations have been recorded so far for the international business meetings event--eight cancellations out of 48 participants--and the arab health trade mission--four cancellations out of 64 participations--, and that not all cancellations were covid-19 related.

Given that no member of the Luxembourg government will travel to the Emirates due to the current health climate, how will this decision affect prior preparations and expected turnout?

PW: Due to the current Covid-19 situation in Luxembourg, we fully understand and support the decision that no member of the Luxembourg government will travel to the UAE on the occasion of Luxembourg’s national day at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Participant countries’ national days follow a schedule and agenda which gives room for a certain number of own initiatives and offers flexibility. In this context, we are fortunate to count on the Luxembourg embassy in the UAE to participate in the official ceremony of Luxembourg’s national day on 23 January. Against all odds, the team of the Luxembourg pavilion is fully committed to create a national day that will be up to Luxembourg’s participation and agenda at Expo 2020 so far.

We underline that we have Expo 2020’s full understanding and support for the current situation. The organisers are doing their utmost to support all countries in the creation of memorable national days despite the unprecedented times we’re in. Unlike other countries, we are very happy that our national day is not cancelled or postponed.

What are some of the alternative plans “Plan B” that have been decided on to give Luxembourg adequate visibility despite the absence of government officials?

The UAE is home to two Luxembourgish representations, the Luxembourg embassy and the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office in Abu Dhabi. Both have a strong rooted presence in the UAE and are an intrinsic part of the local network and institutional landscape. Their longstanding implication towards a strong relationship with local dignitaries will play an important role in assuring adequate visibility for Luxembourg’s national day at Expo 2020.

That said, the Luxembourg pavilion counts on a very strong network inside and outside Expo 2020 and maintains excellent relations to the local media which will guarantee Luxembourg’s visibility despite the absence of dignitaries or government officials.

What should attendees still expect from the day? Sneak peek into the program – major artists, dignitaries etc. who will be performing and making appearances during the day.

The national day program will reflect the pavilion’s theme of “Resourceful Luxembourg” and the country’s values of openness, dynamism, and reliability. We keep seeing challenges as opportunities. In this context, the team from the Luxembourg pavilion will be further implicated in the program itself. Let us surprise you!

Furthermore, the artist collective “Kenschtlerkollektiv” residing in the Luxembourg pavilion as of 15 January will play an active role in the national day’s program. All according to schedule. Their outstanding cultural performances will showcase Luxembourg’s dynamism of the cultural scene.

Last but not least, the Luxembourg national day at Expo 2020 will also be a day spent among friends and family. We’re looking forward to welcoming the UAE’s Luxembourgish community together with all the Luxembourg visitors to Expo 2020 at the Luxembourg pavilion on 23 January