Police launch next phase of recruitment drive

Only Luxembourg nationals can apply for the 200 vacancies within the police force Library photo: Sebastien Goossens

Only Luxembourg nationals can apply for the 200 vacancies within the police force Library photo: Sebastien Goossens

The Luxembourg police force on Wednesday launched the next phase of its recruitment drive, with 200 positions opening up after a first round of hires at the end of last year.

Interior security minister Henri Kox (Déi Gréng) in November last year presented a €45m recruitment plan for the police force, with around 200 hires foreseen annually over three years.

Kox on Wednesday announced the launch of the second intake. Only Luxembourg nationals are eligible for the jobs, with candidates tested on their French and German language skills as well as undergoing a general aptitude exam, physical fitness test and psychological assessment.

More than 800 people applied for the first 200 jobs that opened at the end of last year. The successful recruits started their two-year training programme in April.

The three-year plan to hire 600 new police officers by 2023 could meanwhile be extended by two years. Speaking at an event earlier this month, Kox set a possible target of a total number of 1,000 recruits, the Luxemburger Wort reported.

Kox previously pledged more boots on the ground in the Gare and Bonnevoie districts around Luxembourg City’s central train station in response to security concerns. Authorities in the capital hired a private security firm to maintain order last year but the company risks losing its licence after an altercation in September during which one of the agents’ dogs bit and injured another person.

Prime minister Xavier Bettel (DP) on Tuesday said his cabinet would discuss a comprehensive strategy to tackle security at the Gare in one of its upcoming meetings.

The recruitment drive should result in 130 more officers in the police force by 2023, taking into account departing staff, for example leaving into retirement.