Contemporary Art

Private Art Kirchberg 2022

On Sunday, September 25, companies in Kirchberg opened their doors to art lovers. The Private Art Kirchberg initiative allowed the public to discover the contemporary art collections in exceptional places.

Held for the first time since 2018, seven Kirchberg companies with contemporary art collections opened their doors to the public for the Private Art Kirchberg event. It was a unique opportunity for the public to discover works that are usually reserved for the employees of these companies or their clients.

The participating institutions this year included Allen & Overy, Arendt, the European Investment Bank (EIB), Clearstream, Deutsche Bank, Fonds Kirchberg and UBS. They allowed the public to enter their buildings and some companies even created exhibitions especially for this occasion.

The works of renowned European and international artists were displayed during the open-day as office buildings were transformed into art spaces.

The adjacent Philharmonie was simultaneously holding its Percussion Extravaganza event. 

Additional report by Abigail OkorodusAbigail Okorodus