Fraud case

Prosecutor drops investigation against Amcham president

Amcham president Paul Schonenberg, pictured during an event in 2018 Library photo: Matic Zorman

Amcham president Paul Schonenberg, pictured during an event in 2018 Library photo: Matic Zorman

The Luxembourg public prosecutor’s office has dropped a fraud investigation against the president of Luxembourg’s American Chamber of Commerce, Paul Schonenberg, while a probe into a staffer is still ongoing.

A report by Journal journalist Cordelia Chaton in February 2019 had claimed that Schonenberg had used Amcham money to buy personal items as well as conflicts of interests with a not-for-profit, International Communities of Luxembourg, which he co-founded.

But an investigation by the public prosecutor’s office was dropped “relatively recently, in December,” spokesman Henri Eippers told Delano by telephone. The case was dismissed--a so-called “non-lieu” decision--and there will be no further action, he said.

The Luxembourg Times on Friday had reported that an investigation against a former member of staff is ongoing. Eippers confirmed to Delano that the ex-employee was presented to an investigating judge and that the probe continues.

The woman is accused of defrauding Amcham of more than €100,000.

Schonenberg back in 2019 had said that “the recent media charges are attributable to a desire for revenge related to the recent termination of an Amcham employee.”

The employee was dismissed in December 2018 for serious misconduct and Amcham filed a complaint against her with the public prosecutor for in-house theft.

The chamber launched an internal review in the wake of the incident, which Schonenberg said would confirm his and the group’s innocence in a letter to members in 2019 responding to Chaton’s articles.