Lycée Michel Lucius

Pupils’ packed last week before summer break 

Youngsters at the primary section of International School Michel Lucius had a productive last week of school with a host of covid-compliant group activities rolled out for the first time.

While counting down the days until their summer vacation, pupils picked up trash, participated in a sponsored fun run, the “Race Against Hunger”, and hosted a multi-media science fair.

“The motivation was to put in action our learner profile of five skills: being a communicator, a responsible citizen, an enquirer, a problem solver and an adaptive learner,” Beatriz Relvas, a teacher and member of the leadership team at the school, said of the transferrable skills that form the bedrock of the school curriculum.

The activities offered pupils and teachers a chance to spend time together after a complicated year in which they juggled remote and in-presence learning along with all of the health measures. Ben Wilson, another leadership team member, told Delano: “It’s been so lovely to do something as a school that brings everyone together in a socially distanced way.”

To ensure the measures were respected, the science exhibition featured QR codes which visitors could scan with their phones to view multi-media presentations of the individual science projects.

Wilson said the youngsters had gained a lot of new digital skills during the pandemic year, among them movie making and editing.

Lycée Michel Lucius was the first public international school to open in Luxembourg. Its primary school counts over 420 pupils.