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The best campaigns of the moment in Luxembourg Maison Moderne

The best campaigns of the moment in Luxembourg Maison Moderne

Discover a selection of the best campaigns of the moment in Luxembourg! Clap Clap Clap!

Campaign: Missions that rock!

Advertiser: CFL Luxembourg

Agency: Wili

Creative team: The Wili team

Account & strategy: Céline Velluet (CEO) and Camille Neis (Content Specialist)

Campaign “Missions that rock!” Agency: Wili

Campaign “Missions that rock!” Agency: Wili

Campaign: Sustainable finance

Advertisers : ABBL Foundation for Financial Education / CSSF / ALFI / Ministry of Consumer Protection

Agency : VOUS Agency

Creative team: Matthieu Franoux, Joke Vandersteen, François Leclerc, Samir Kerroudj

Account & strategy: Arnaud Ghilain / Pauline Gonry

“Sustainable Finance” campaign Agency: VOUS agency.

“Sustainable Finance” campaign Agency: VOUS agency.

Campaign: My health

Advertiser: Laboratoires Réunis

Communication Manager: Agnès Collet and Michèle Vallenthini

Agency: Brand Studio - Maison Moderne

Creative team: Sophie Dubois, Cassandre Bourtembourg, Julie Kotulski and Monique Bernard

“My Health” campaign Agency: Brand Studio - Maison Moderne

“My Health” campaign Agency: Brand Studio - Maison Moderne