Roy Reding (centre) has excercised his right of reply under Luxembourg’s press rules. Library photo: Maison Moderne

Roy Reding (centre) has excercised his right of reply under Luxembourg’s press rules. Library photo: Maison Moderne

Roy Reding, the ADR MP, wrote the following statement, dated 30 November 2022:

The article published by Delano at 9:06 today contains several factually incorrect and misleading statements.

I did not sell “a flat that didn’t meet Luxembourg real estate requirements for over 1.6m.”

I never sold a flat that was contrary to Luxembourgish real estate requirements. The studio in question was sold as what it was--two lots registered in the cadastre (land registry) as “caves” (cellars).

Furthermore, I did not sell the house to “avoid an official demand”. The decision to sell the entire property was based solely on investment considerations. The sale had absolutely nothing to do with any “official demand”.

In your article you state that “the real estate company in charge of the sale says it had not been informed of the issue”.

This could not be further from the truth.

In my first email to the real estate company in charge of the sale, I informed them that the basement could no longer be used as a studio, but only as a “cave”.

Not only did I inform the company, but the real estate agent acknowledged the information and confirmed at court that he had informed the buyer.

All the agent said is that he never saw the judgement that decided that the basement could not be used as a studio. This is true.

As I informed you as publisher already last week about the wrongfully published “facts” (by “Paperjam”), I will consult with my lawyer if your defamatory article does not lead to a criminal prosecution.

Editor’s note: Roy Reding was replying to the article “”. Reding was convicted of fraud by the Luxembourg City criminal court, and sentenced to a one-year suspended prison term and €50,000 fine, on 24 November 2022. He lodged an appeal and a hearing is set for late April 2023.