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Rule of law, migrant crisis and JAMC:  Delano’s Top of the Week

Duncan Roberts in the Ara City Radionh studios Delano.lu

Duncan Roberts in the Ara City Radionh studios Delano.lu

The visit of EC justice commissioner Didier Reynders to Luxembourg, the application of rule of law and the migrant crisis on the Poland-Belarus border was the top story discussed between Delano’s Duncan Roberts and Ara City Radio’s Sam Steen on Monday morning.

European justice commissioner Didier Reynders is in the grand duchy to discuss Luxembourg’s application of rule of law with representatives of parliament on Monday.  The most recent commission county report on Luxembourg, published in July, indicates that the  justice system here “continues to operate with a high level of perceived judicial independence that will be improved when constitutional reform is passed.”

The rule of law in Poland, where the Constitutional Tribunal ruled last month that Polish law has precedence over EU law was also discussed on the Top of The Week segment. And Duncan and Sam also talked about how the continuing dispute between the commission and Poland is impacting reaction to the thousands of migrants remain trapped in a restricted area on the border with Belarus.

On a lighter note, Duncan suggested three events worth checking out this week: European Microfinance week at Neimënster; the Fête des vins et crémants on the Glacis; and the Jesus and Mary Chain performing their album Darklands at den Atelier.

Finally, Duncan’s track of the week was culled from the new Courtney Barnett album, Things Take Time, Take Time.

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