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SaltyLama launches first product: eco-friendly laundry stripes

SaltyLama launches hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and all-natural laundry stripes Rido/Shutterstock.

SaltyLama launches hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and all-natural laundry stripes Rido/Shutterstock.

On 27 October, the Luxembourg-based startup launched its eco-strips laundry detergent, the first product on this e-commerce marketplace for eco-products.

The launch of the eco-stripes by SaltyLama coincides with the just-concluded Sustainability Day, which is dedicated to promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

The company is on a mission to promote sustainable shopping by creating an online marketplace for eco-friendly and sustainable products, and by extension, change customer shopping habits and reduce their environmental footprint.

The stripes are the company’s first product in its online marketplace, which also aims for other eco-products. The sustainable nature of the laundry stripes also extends to the packaging, which is made of compostable cardboard, which in turn complements the disappearing stripes that do not require additional liquid or powder detergent.

With a different eco-friendly package, in comparison to conventionally packaged detergents in plastic bottles, SaltyLama demonstrates how it proactively helps to “eliminate millions of plastic bottles from trash dumps.”

“Conventional laundry detergent containers are a huge source of plastic waste, and the detergents themselves introduce phosphates, bleach, and other harmful chemicals into the water supply,” said SaltyLama CEO Ben Smith.

The hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and all-natural laundry stripes come in different varieties-- including baby blossom, fragrance-free and fresh scent—and only requires a single strip for each wash load.

This year, SaltyLama was one of the three Luxembourgish startups to graduate and receive support from the Benelux Founder Institute. The product is available on the company’s e-commerce website and will also be sold on

As part of its targets for next year, the company wants “to help consumers make sustainable purchases by offering transparent categorization of various ecological factors, such as certifications, sourcing, materials, and sourcing,” as stated on its website.

SaltyLama CEO Ben Smith with three samples of the eco-friendly laundry stripes SaltyLama

SaltyLama CEO Ben Smith with three samples of the eco-friendly laundry stripes SaltyLama