Charel Hary is the president of the FNCF but also the operator of four fairground businesses consisting of two confectionary shops as well as bumper cars and mini-quads. (Photo: Guy Wolff/Maison Moderne)

Charel Hary is the president of the FNCF but also the operator of four fairground businesses consisting of two confectionary shops as well as bumper cars and mini-quads. (Photo: Guy Wolff/Maison Moderne)

Luxembourg's fairground  business owners are expecting a record number of visitors for the 680th edition of the Schueberfouer, driven by the desire to draw a line under the covid-19 pandemic.

The Schueberfouer is the most festive construction site in the capital: the assembly of the fun fair provides a foretaste of what the 2022 edition will be like, with a maze of catering establishments on the north-western side of the Glacis, while the rest of the fairground is given over to rides for young and old.

"I am very happy that we are finally back after two years of pandemic", explains Charel Hary, president of the national federation of fairground vendors (FNCF) and himself a vendor.

A week before the festivities kick off, his stand of mini-bumper cars has already been set up, as has his mini-quads ride. "I think that this Schueberfouer 2022 will be a very good fair because since the beginning of this season, we have had a higher attendance than in the past at other fairs, which shows that people want to enjoy it again," Hary says.

New features to attract the public

The FNCF is made up of 45 fairground families based in Luxembourg. All the trades are represented, except for the big rides, as these are operated by families from abroad. "We have good relations with the foreign fairground operators and their rides attract people,” admits Hary.

This year, for example, visitors can experience the thrill of the Daemonium, the world's largest transportable ghost train. Thrill-seekers will be able to board the Gravity for a 17-metre high ride with continuous loops.

Higher prices in sight, especially for restaurants

As for the prices and the budget visitors can expected to spend at the largest funfair in the greater region, it is difficult for the professionals to give an estimate as the profiles vary from the simple leisurely visitor to the family addicted to rides and games. Hary, for example, says that he will maintain his prices in Luxembourg, but admits that for his colleagues in the hotel and catering industry, a price increase is inevitable. He says that "those who pay €75 for a bucket of mayonnaise now, as opposed to €25 before the crisis, have no choice but to raise their prices.” Hary says price increases will be small but “will mainly affect the restaurant sector".

We are not paying the placement fee this year.
Charel Hary

Charel HaryPresidentNational Federation of Fairground Traders

The oil needed to cook that Schueberfouer staple, gromperekichelcher, for example, was subject to among the highest price increases recorded by the Statec last July. However, fairgoers can count on a nice helping hand from the City of Luxembourg since "we are not paying the placement fee this year,” Hary confides.

Towards a Schubi with less waste

The FLCF was founded in 2017 and is affiliated to the CLC. "We collaborate with the CLC, which provides us with guidance, particularly with regard to packaging," he explains. For example, Hary, who runs two confectionery stands in addition to his rides, has abandoned plastic bags in accordance with current regulations.

The Clement family stand uses only glass to serve its beer, and a deposit system ensures their return. "Everyone does their best to be at the top of their game,” says the fairground owner. Last year, the capital city’s hygiene service collected 12 tonnes of glass, as much paper, 2 tonnes of biowaste and nearly 31 tonnes of residual waste, figures that are up to six times lower than in 2019, given the reduced scale of the festivities organised as part of the "Fun um Glacis".

The FNCF is organising a competition throughout the Schueberfouer to win trips to theme parks. Hary no longer sees these permanent attractions as competition: "These parks attract a core audience to their rides. It is the same one that comes to the Fouer". So whether it's an amusement park or a fairground, there's something for everyone.

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