Security firm risks losing licence over Gare incident

G4S is a leading private security provider in Luxembourg Photo: Shutterstock

G4S is a leading private security provider in Luxembourg Photo: Shutterstock

Interior security minister Henri Kox has promised more police presence on the streets around the central station while a security company hired by the City of Luxembourg to improve safety could see its licence scrapped.

The dog of a unit by security firm G4S during an incident on 4 September bit and injured a person during an altercation near the central train station. Police are investigating the matter.

The City of Luxembourg last year had hired private agents to ensure safety. But they were warned already in May this year for overstepping their powers as they have no authority to tell people to move on from public or private property or forcing them to leave.

They are also not allowed to patrol the streets but are hired to monitor public property and can move between different places to carry out this task. The police investigation should determine whether the agents’ movements can be considered a patrol.

In case of a violation of the applicable rules, G4S could see its licence to operate in Luxembourg scrapped, justice minister Sam Tanson said during a meeting with lawmakers on Wednesday.

G4S is one of the leading private security firms in Luxembourg but under current laws withdrawing their licence is the only penalty available to the government. A review of laws regulating the sector is underway and should include different levels of sanctions, Tanson said.

In the meantime, the interior security minister said he would soon present details on strategies to combat drug crime in Luxembourg. Parliament in July had called on the government to come up with plans to tackle violence linked to drugs.

A police recruitment drive is ongoing, Kox said, and will allow for more police presence with boots on the ground, he said.