International Women’s Day 2023

“She changes her mind with abandon”: the woman who inspired Enrique Sacau

Enrique Sacau, group CEO of Kneip, a fund data service provider. Library photo: Romain Gamba/Maison Moderne

Enrique Sacau, group CEO of Kneip, a fund data service provider. Library photo: Romain Gamba/Maison Moderne

To mark International Women’s Day, Delano asked Luxembourg financial sector professionals about the women who have inspired them. Enrique Sacau was inspired by his mother, Flora Sacau.

“A long time ago, I dedicated my PhD dissertation to my mother and wrote that she’s ‘the most extraordinary person I have ever come across’,” Enrique SacauEnrique Sacau, CEO at Kneip, told Delano.

“I suppose this is my opportunity to elaborate! Flora Sacau is nearly 80. I could say that she’s strong and intelligent and a fighter. I could also say that she has the right values and that she never gets an important moral call wrong.”

He stated: “Flora is enormously supportive of us, her four children. She’s enormously progressive too, which has always impressed my contemporaries, and expresses herself very clearly (often with swear words too big to repeat here).”

“Yet, whilst important and admirable, these are fairly generic traits. Other people are strong and principled. What I find truly out of the ordinary in the case of my mother is her journey. She comes across as fairly stubborn and, my gosh, she can be. But during her life she’s proved incredibly adaptable.”

Enrique Sacau said: “Changing your mind is right but few of us do it. We like ‘I’ve always known/believed/said’. She doesn’t. She changes her mind with abandon. This means that she learns, that she changes. I find that enormously inspiring. I hope I still learn this from her.”