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Shops, restaurants and Tesla: the Cloche d’Or is bustling with activity

Raphaël Bouchet aims to finalise the marketing of the retail units in the Cloche d’Or shopping centre in the first half of next year. Photo: Guy Wolff/Maison Moderne

Raphaël Bouchet aims to finalise the marketing of the retail units in the Cloche d’Or shopping centre in the first half of next year. Photo: Guy Wolff/Maison Moderne

With eight new store openings and the launch of new services, the Cloche d’Or shopping centre has one new development after another at the end of the year, and has set its sights on completing the marketing of its retail units by 2024.

With 5.5m visitors in 2022, La Cloche d’Or will be the third busiest shopping centre in Luxembourg, according to CBRE, alongside La Belle Étoile in Bertrange.

“This figure is set to rise in 2023,” says Raphaël Bouchet, director of the complex, whose catchment area is divided between workers and residents of the district and the capital during the week and people from all over the Greater Region, who are more visible at weekends.

In the second half of this year, the centre opened no fewer than eight new stores and two extensions. “This is an important signal, because long-established retailers are investing in the centre and believe in the Cloche d’Or,” adds the manager.

Pop-ups to test the waters

Foot Locker has signed up for an additional 500m2 of space, while Rituals has tripled its surface area by moving to a new cell. Not far away, Kiko is preparing to open its first store in the grand duchy in the run-up to Black Friday. Add in Zayn, which specialises in oriental jewellery, Moonbo (donuts and bubble tea) and Smile Concept, which replaces the Orta pop-up, and you have a year-end full of new products.

The start of the second half of the year was marked by the arrival of Candy Factory, CCUSI and La Canadienne, which has chosen to open a winter pop-up until next February. “Pop-ups are a great opportunity to keep the centre up to date. What’s more, some of them, like Three52 and Artlove, test their concept before making it permanent,” says Bouchet.

A boost for restaurants and services

In terms of services, the complex has just installed a communal terrace just in front of its Food Corner. From 26 October, the Food Corner will be open until 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays, in line with Bubblies’ extended opening hours since September (open until 10pm) and in response to demand from residents of the adjacent Zenith towers.

At the end of the year, the shopping centre’s car park will be equipped with sixteen Tesla Supercharger ultra-fast charging points, an opportunity to “position the Cloche d’Or with a brand that has a very high profile,” says Bouchet.

We are in discussions with a number of ready-to-wear, restaurant and service chains with a view to opening in early 2024.
Raphaël Bouchet

Raphaël BouchetdirectorCloche d’Or shopping centre

“We’re in talks with a number of ready-to-wear, restaurant and service chains about opening in early 2024. This should enable us to finalise the marketing of Cloche d’Or in the first half of next year,” he adds.

The shopping centre aims to maintain its rate of growth next year and position itself as the leading retail destination in the Greater Region. Its director wants to continue forging links with the neighbourhood, but also position the complex as a responsible, committed player. To this end, silent hours will be extended from 6 November, with a two-hour block every Tuesday and Thursday.

Finally, the arrival of the tram link to the city centre, scheduled for the first half of 2024, coupled with tighter conditions for teleworking, introduced in particular at neighbouring PwC Luxembourg, should help to sustain the centre’s growth.

This article was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.