Minister of Economy Franz Fayot, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg Professor Marcus Muller   (Photo : Sacred Heart University Luxembourg )

Minister of Economy Franz Fayot, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg Professor Marcus Muller  (Photo : Sacred Heart University Luxembourg )

Luxembourg, 8th October 2021 – Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (SHULU), supported by its partners B Lab, Luxinnovation, Seismic and +ImpaKT will present its new “Sustainability in Action” Leadership Platform in presence of the Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot at the Klima Expo on Oct. 9 – 11, 2021 at LUXEXPO The Box.

Sustainability is like technology – it affects all areas of business. Therefore, we decided to re-design existing courses, develop new ones and create a new certificate as well as a Mini MBeA (Master in Benefit Administration) with our partners which will provide the foundation for driving change through education”, says Professor Marcus Muller (SHULU).

Courses such as Circular Economy, Sustainable Finance, Governance and Sustainability will be taught by local and international experts, for example Anne-Christine Ayed (+ImpaKT), Hakan Lucius (EIB) and the LuxInnovation team. “Luxinnovation will be working with Sacred Heart University’s students to develop innovative solutions today for a competitively sustainable economy of the future” says Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation. These courses, combined with additional face-to-face courses over a period of 12 months, can also lead to a Certificate in Sustainability & Social Impact.

Another new program, the Mini MBeA in sustainability in collaboration with B Lab, will provide a “big picture” on the new role of business in society in ten online sessions over a period of six months. “I have been engaging with the Administration and Faculty at SHU around sustainability for a number of years, and have been so thrilled to see the leadership of SHU Luxembourg fully embrace the sustainability agenda”, says Andy Schmidt (Co-Founder, COO of Seismic and B Leader). He supports the Luxembourg business community so it can transform from being not only one of the best in the world to one of the best for the world.

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With more than 30 years of experience in Luxembourg and a network of more than 700 MBA Alumni, Sacred Heart University offers AACSB accredited MBA programs through evening courses. Answering the needs of professionals wishing to pursue their higher education and embrace new challenges, SHULU also offers Graduate Certificates in Digital Management, Leadership, Private Equity and an MBA to combine with an internship as well as the new courses such as the Certificate and the Mini MBeA in Sustainability and Social Impact.

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