Smile while you sweat!

Annika Näslund, pictured here during a jympa session she runs at the EU School in Kirchberg Romain Gamba

Annika Näslund, pictured here during a jympa session she runs at the EU School in Kirchberg Romain Gamba

Friskis & Svettis instructor since 2005, Annika Näslund explains what makes the fitness group in Luxembourg so unique.

A volunteer fitness instructor since 2005, Annika Näslund says, “I love music. That’s what gets me moving.”

Some of the classes she teaches at the Luxembourg Friskis & Svettis--an initiative that started in Sweden in 1978 and made its way to the grand duchy in 2000--include jympa, an “all in one” fitness session, and dance fusion, “similar to Zumba, but more fun,” she says.

What’s unique about the club is that it’s entirely run by volunteers “because we love what we’re doing. It’s very welcoming, down to earth, and everyone can do it.” Most classes are held in a school, but outdoor sessions also take place during the warmer months.

Newcomers or those nervous to get back into fitness can get a two-week free trial before committing for a longer term, with a one-month membership running €25. “Because we are a volunteer club, our prices are much lower than commercial clubs.”

Näslund says she is personally more motivated to work out in a group setting. The small club size means participants also like to have a good chat before or after the sessions. “It’s very laid back,” the instructor adds. “We don’t have any fancy mirrors. You don’t need any fancy clothes. You just need a good pair of shoes, and you’re ready to go!”

This article first appeared in Delano's 2023-2023 Expat Guide.