Luxembourg Red Cross report

Solidarity in the face of crisis

Employees and volunteers at the Luxembourg Red Cross had a busy 2020. (Photo: Edouard Olszewski/Archives)

Employees and volunteers at the Luxembourg Red Cross had a busy 2020. (Photo: Edouard Olszewski/Archives)

The Luxembourg Red Cross presented its 2020 annual report, which showed that the number of donors has increased by 19.3%.

The crisis may have deepened inequalities but it has also strengthened solidarity, according to the annual report just published by the Luxembourg Red Cross. Here is a look at some of the key figures for 2020:

- 3,433 volunteers participated in Red Cross activities.

- 13,726 people donated blood.

- €7.6 million in cash donations and bequests was collected - more than in 2019, but the calculation method has changed.

- The number of donors jumped by 19.3% to a total of 24,072.

- 2,675 employees work for the Luxembourg Red Cross - 167 more than in 2019.

- 1,286 people were hosted during the Wanteraktioun, which traditionally takes place between 1 December and 31 March and aims to house homeless people in the Findel during the cold season. The service is provided by the Red Cross together with Caritas and Inter-Actions, under the Dräieck asbl umbrella organisation. The figure is similar to 2019, but one third lower than in 2017. The exceptional extension of the service, linked to Covid-19, until 30 June, allowed 445 people to continue to attend the day centre. An additional 59 people were drafted to help manage the extension period: 25 employees from other services of the Luxembourg Red Cross and 24 volunteers.

- 33,591 visits were recorded in the social grocery shops, which remained open throughout the pandemic. This is 6.3% less than in 2019. The value of the average spend increased by 9.3%, with a total increase of 2.4% in turnover, which amounts to €1.5 million.

- 73 additional aids were granted compared to 2020, via the organisation’s solidarity fund. It aims to provide for the primary needs of the most vulnerable. The average amount per grant increased from €662 to €731. TTurnover here amounts to €164,000.

- 164,000 (+3.8%) cases were handled by the association's social offices, which combat poverty and social exclusion.

- 1,254 applicants or beneficiaries of international protection were received in the Red Cross’s 15 dedicated reception structures--an increase of 5.3% compared to 2019 despite the slowdown in the number of asylum seekers arriving in the grand duchy.

- 2,461 appointments were held at Riicht Eraus, the reception point for perpetrators of domestic violence, compared to 2,467 in 2019.