Stamp of approval for Post

Two stamps from the rural tourism series Post

Two stamps from the rural tourism series Post

Luxembourg’s Post has won the philatelist equivalent of the “Oscars” for a special edition stamp issued to celebrate rural tourism.

Rural tourism in Luxembourg has experienced a boom over the last 18 months thanks to the pandemic. But the delights of the grand duchy’s countryside were recognised well before then, and immortalised in a special edition stamp series designed by Eugene Kalmus.

That series caught the attention of the judges of the Italian Asiago International Philatelic Art Prize, who awarded Post first place for the category of tourism. Published as a trilogy, the special edition depicts the joys of rural tourism with images of children, farm animals and hikers in locations including the vineyards of the Moselle.

Two stamps from the same series previously won the national competition for the most beautiful stamp. The set is currently among the best-selling stamps in Post’s philately e-shop.