Stefan Staedter joined the law firm Arendt & Medernach in 2017. Photo: Arendt

Stefan Staedter joined the law firm Arendt & Medernach in 2017. Photo: Arendt

Law firm Arendt & Medernach has announced that Stefan Staedter will head the company’s New York office as of 1 September 2023.

Staedter’s work focuses on investment funds, asset management, retail funds and alternative investment strategies, such as the European long-term investment fund (Eltif).

“I am proud to follow in the footsteps of previous partners who forged and reinforced good relations with clients and contacts based in New York and North America,” said Staedter in a press release. “My goal is to help companies and clients that have business objectives and cross-border activities in Europe. I will present to them Luxembourg’s unique offering and structuring solutions.”

Staedter, who joined the firm in 2017 and became a partner in 2023, has been involved in roughly two-thirds of existing Eltifs in the grand duchy, he told Delano in an interview at the beginning of this year when the . In fact, Staedter has established a tradition in which he brings a cake to the office to .

Established in September 2005, the New York office is Arendt’s first overseas representative office. It allows the law firm to provide international clients with advice on Luxembourg law.