SUMMER HEAD Maison Moderne

SUMMER HEAD Maison Moderne

The summer period is a great opportunity to boost your visibility, strengthen your positioning and create new business relationships.

The “Summer Series” are back at and!

From 15 July onwards, give your company a major boost by reaching a highly captive and highly connected audience that has more time to read. Leverage our powerful media to promote your brand and share your expertise. Take advantage of the summer to strengthen your local presence and attract new customers. The Paperjam and Delano newsletters and websites are now available at summer rates!

Two irresistible offers are available to boost your visibility.

The "Summer Series" offers

Six topics series allow you to accompany all Paperjam and Delano subscribers during their summer holidays.

From Monday to Friday, these series will focus on: my neighbourhood, going out in Luxembourg, success stories, investment opportunities, and many others...

You can position yourself on the topic you want, and there are several choices open to you:

- Be visible on Paperjam (newsletters + website)

- Be visible on Delano (newsletters + website)

- The winning combo: Be visible on Paperjam + Delano and appear on the newsletters and website of these two must-have brands!

The "Summer" offer: Seize the opportunity

By floating on the Paperjam + Delano websites/newsletters, your campaign will be available to our readers all summer long at a very attractive rate.

It's up to you to choose the number of displays that suits you... and let's go!

And to make sure your holidays are a complete success, remember that our readers stay very connected during the holidays, so take the opportunity to inspire them! had an exceptional audience in July/August:

- 2.5 million page views

- 460,000 unique visitors

- 31,000 newsletter readers

About Delano :

- 300,000 page views

- 80,000 unique visitors

- 10,000 newsletter readers

The Digital Team wishes you all a wonderful summer holidays…

…And if you read your advert on the beach, don't forget the sun cream so you can come back in top form!