Departing Mudam director Suzanne Cotter honoured for her services

Suzanne Cotter arrived at Mudam in January 2018. (Photo: Matic Zorman/Maison Moderne Publishing SA/Archives)

Suzanne Cotter arrived at Mudam in January 2018. (Photo: Matic Zorman/Maison Moderne Publishing SA/Archives)

Outoing Mudam director Suzanne Cotter received a medal for her services to culture by minister Sam Tanson on Tuesday.

Cotter will leave her position as director of Luxembourg’s contemporary art museum Mudam almost four years to the day after her arrival in January 2018, to join the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in Sydney.

On 23 November, culture minister Sam Tanson (Déi Gréng), presented her with an honorary medal in recognition of her services “and for her commitment to culture in the grand duchy of Luxembourg and beyond,” the ministry said in a statement.

“Suzanne Cotter took over the reins of Mudam in 2018, with her bold and innovative choices, she has contributed to developing the museum's reputation and influence,” the ministry said.

A successor for Cotter has already been found. Bettina Steinbrügge will take over the reins in April 2022. The German native, Steinbrügge has been director of the Hamburger Kunstverein since 2014--the first woman to lead the group in 200 years. She has also held the position of senior curator and head of the contemporary collection at the Belvedere in Vienna as well as teaching art theory and history.