Tax declaration goes digital in 2022

MyGuichet from next year will offer a digital tax declaration form Photo: MinDigital

MyGuichet from next year will offer a digital tax declaration form Photo: MinDigital

The MyGuichet platform from next year on will offer a digital tax return form, making the tax declaration easier to complete and faster to process for the tax administration.

Since 2009, users can download a PDF file to fill in and submit online but starting next year, MyGuichet will feature an integrated tax declaration form. This will automatically skip sections irrelevant for the person filling in the form and also pre-fill fields that feature the same details.

“Thanks to the introduction of this digital procedure, the majority of taxpayers who are natural persons will be able to benefit from end-to-end digital processing of their tax return for the year 2021,” said finance minister Pierre Gramegna (DP) during a press conference on Monday.

Moving the tax declaration online forms part of an electronic governance strategy, which aims to make more administrative services available online. The education and digitalisations ministries in September signed an agreement to move student loan applications into the blockchain, meaning no signed paperwork is required anymore.

The pandemic has driven demand for the platform that allows citizens to run administrative errands online, with a 146% increase in procedures processed via the site between August 2020 and August of this year.

The tax declaration form is one of the top ten processes accessed by users on MyGuichet, the government said in a press release. Last year, more than 40,000 people used the online PDF.

With the digital overhaul, users can also upload attachments from the MyGuichet mobile application. The online form is available for residents and non-residents alike.

The online form is a “modern tool worthy of the digital transition of state public services,” said minister delegate for digitalisation Marc Hansen.

The European Commission only last week ranked the grand duchy fifth out of 36 countries on its e-government solutions thanks mostly to the expansion of services offered via the MyGuichet platform.

The new tool will be available from 7 February 2022 in time for the 2021 tax declaration. But around 30% of taxpayers won’t be able to use it yet as it doesn’t include revenue from agriculture and forestry, commerce, a liberal profession or movable capital. It is open to employees, pensioners and people gaining income from real estate. Other services will be added progressively.