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Ten Lux publishers head to Frankfurt Book Fair

Over 300,000 people visited the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2019. Photo: Alexander Heimann / Frankfurter Buchmesse

Over 300,000 people visited the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2019. Photo: Alexander Heimann / Frankfurter Buchmesse

Guy Helminger, Nora Wagener, Tullio Forgiarini and other Luxembourg authors will attend the Frankfurt Book Fair (“Frankfurter Buchmesse”), which takes place on 20–24 October.

Ten publishers will represent Luxembourg’s literary scene at the event, which is among the world’s largest trade fairs for books. Authors from Luxembourg will join panel discussions on subjects including “The challenges of multilingualism” and “Childhood and imagination”.

Culture minister Sam Tanson (déi Gréng) will also be present to officially open the booth on 21 October.

“FBM is a great opportunity for publishers to connect and to present new books to a wider audience,” says Anne-Marie Reuter, publishing director of Black Fountain Press, one of the attending publishing houses. Part of Reuter’s mission will be to promote Robert Schofield’s novel The Treasury of Tales, a work of historical fiction set in Germany.

A Kultur | lx press release characterises the grand duchy’s literature tradition: “Alternating between languages, to accommodate both message and form, is commonplace for literature in Luxembourg. This multilingualism allows for new avenues of possibility and many authors choose to write for publication in several languages: in Luxembourgish, German, French, or English. Subsequent translations into Italian, Spanish, Swedish, even Bosnian, are not unheard of. In a European context, where most translated works are of American or Anglo-Saxon origin, such a linguistically diverse production is an asset, with as many pros as cons.”

The ten publishers are capybarabooks, Black Fountain Press, Éditions Guy Binsfeld, Éditions Phi, Éditions Schortgen, Hydre Éditions, Kiwi E.L.G., Kremart Édition, Op der Lay and Zoom Éditions.

The Luxembourg booth, featuring original artwork by illustrator Marc Angel, will be located in Hall 3.0 at Stand 130.

For more information, read the Kultur | lx press release or visit the Frankfurter Buchmesse website.