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Terraces where runners can relax

After a great run in a beautiful park, what could be better than a beautiful terrace to wind down?  Photo: Nader Ghavami

After a great run in a beautiful park, what could be better than a beautiful terrace to wind down?  Photo: Nader Ghavami

With the ING Night Marathon just around the corner, Paperjam Foodzilla spares a thought for those runners training hard with this list of the best places for a post-marathon drink and bite.

In Kirchberg

A few steps away from the Coque, the Kyosk has established itself over the past few years as a trendy, family-friendly summer meeting place where you can play pétanque while sipping organic rosé, or rehydrate after a run in the Kirchberg Park.


10, rue Léon Hengen, Luxembourg

In the city

Just a short jog from the city centre, the Belair park is a chic, family-friendly space for spontaneous sports and relax. The Pavilion, with its beautiful terrace overlooking the pond, is just as chic.

Pavillon du Parc Belair

28a, rue de Bragance, Luxembourg

In Dudelange

In the heart of the Le'h park in Dudelange, Parc Le'h is a beautiful establishment and its terrace are located in a pretty villa on the edge of the forest. It is surrounded by nature and more popular than ever since its takeover by the Concept+Partners group, which knows how to bring Luxembourg's heritage buildings to life.

Parc Le'h

1, rue de la Forêt, Dudelange

In Hesperange

Just a few minutes from the central station, the park in Hesperange is surely one of the prettiest in the vicinity of the capital. After a long walk or a hard run, the terrace of the Hesper Park and its family-friendly "Beach Club" annex, with a small pool for children, are perfect for relaxing.

Hesper Park

476, route de Thionville, Hesperange

In Esch-sur-Alzette

After a hard run on the Gaalebierg (gallows hill) in Esch-sur-Alzette at the end of the day, it is not uncommon to feel a sudden and overwhelming slump. Don't panic though! The Seven Hotel, with its Fevi Gaudium summer concept, is there for that. Authentic Spanish flavours, (very) special paellas and homemade sangria... all with a great view of nature!

Fevi Gaudium @ Seven Hotel

50, Gaalgebierg, Esch-Centre

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This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.