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The best applications to enjoy your summer in Luxembourg

City app – VDL, the Luxembourg City app, will provide you everything you need to know about the capital (Photo : ING Luxembourg)

City app – VDL, the Luxembourg City app, will provide you everything you need to know about the capital (Photo : ING Luxembourg)

The summer has begun! Why not enjoy it in your new residence country? Luxembourg is full of surprises. To help you to discover the Grand Duchy, here are nine useful applications to download.

Available in English, French and German, city app – VDL, the Luxembourg City app, will provide you everything you need to know about the capital. It is divided into three main sections. The “Explorer” section allows you to discover all that the City offers near your location: cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, sports infrastructures, places of arts and culture – even the painted electricity substations are mentioned! -, playgrounds and parks. You can also get information about the present and upcoming events in the capital.

The “Transport” section shows you all the public transport possibilities in the City: bus and tram lines, including real-time departures; car parks, including real-time availability; active travel options, including vel’OH! stations (self-service bike system), bicycle parks, bicycle pumps and m-Box; Carloh (car sharing) and taxi stations and information about network disruptions.

The “Services” section offers quick access to the City’s services and news: information desks (Luxembourg City Hall, support and social assistance, meals on wheels, etc.), containers, public toilets and drinking fountains. You can also obtain a weekly report on the drinking water quality and the waste collection schedule.  

To upgrade your City experience, do not hesitate to download the Vdl-AR app. It allows you to discover in augmented reality a tour of seven points of interest: Royal Hamilius, the Place d’Armes, the Cercle Municipal, the City Hall, Place Guillaume II, the Grand Ducal Palace and the old Fish Market. By turning on the AR app and looking at buildings with your camera, you will have access to old photos, historical films, animated models and 3D plans. You can also use the application with 12 bus stops in the City centre. When scanning the icon displayed at the bus stop, you can get real-time departures superimposed on your camera image.    

You can further explore the realms of virtual reality with Vakanz Doheem. Created to promote staycation in the wake of the health crisis, the portal shows you the most beautiful places around the country through 360° views before having the chance to visit them.

The Luxembourg Card makes you recommendations based on your location and interests (museums & events, castles, nature & excursions, family & kids, sports & leisure, local products, guided tours). It also indicates if the tourist attractions are free or not. If not, you can buy through the app an individual or group card (up to 5 people) – the LuxembourgCard – which gives you access to the attractions at a reduced price. 

In 2020, the Luxembourg Ardennes Regional Tourist Office launched the Visit Éislek app. Available in Dutch, English, French and German, this app is packed with information. It features several tour routes, landmarks, restaurants, museums and accommodation displayed on an interactive map with filtering functions. You can also access real-time information on events.  

Are you a bicycle and gastronomy freak? The Letsbike app is for you. It includes 30 routes, classified by level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate and advanced), and links to gastronomic facilities. So whether you are planning a bike race or a leisurely family outing, the app takes you across the country and shows you the best places to (re)discover by bike. The only drawback is that only three routes are available for free: Mersch-Grevenmacher, Luxembourg-Mondercange and Mondorf-Remich. If you select another route, you have to pay for it, but it is not expensive (only 2,29 €) and the payment gives you lifetime access to the whole collection of rides.

If you prefer hiking, you can install the mobile mapping app of the Luxembourg national geoportal developed by the Land Registry and Topography Administration. Thanks to this application, you will see topographical maps, view altitude data and access quality trails. You can also create POIs (points of interest) on the map and choose a specific zone to download on your device. The active map layers for this area will be available to use offline. Helpful when you hike in areas without network coverage!

You are looking for a kid playground near the place where you are located? Download the app. It shows all playgrounds in Luxembourg and the Greater Region on one map. Each playground is described in detail: equipment (slide, soccer field, sandbox, etc.), features (WC available, dogs allowed, etc.), opening hours, age information and parking facilities.   

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