The Connex Avenue building has been bought by Luxembourg Business Registers. Photo: JLL Luxembourg

The Connex Avenue building has been bought by Luxembourg Business Registers. Photo: JLL Luxembourg

The Connex Avenue building, located on Avenue de la Gare in Luxembourg City, has found a buyer: Luxembourg Business Registers.

Twenty70--an association comprising Giorgetti, La Compagnie Foncière Luxembourgeoise and AG Real Estate--has just sold the Connex Avenue building to Luxembourg Business Registers (LBR).

This transaction represents an important step in the development of LBR, which is currently based in the House of Entrepreneurship building in Kirchberg. In view of its growth strategy, LBR decided to acquire its own premises: after studying several proposals and carrying out a detailed study of the market, they made their choice.

A complex site for a mixed-use building

The Connex Avenue building is a vast, mixed-use space that includes seven floors: a commercial ground floor and 2,906m2’ worth of offices on the other six. The architectural concept was awarded to Linster & Stupar Architectes and it accommodates 220 workstations.

Given its complexity, the project didn’t go unnoticed. The building is located on a busy thoroughfare, where setting up a large-scale construction site wasn’t easy. But it had to be done: a historic façade had to be saved and everything else demolished. Construction took place between 2021 and 2023.

During the development and building phase, Giorgetti was responsible for asset management on behalf of Twenty70. The building, now completed, has been awarded the Ecogio label (developed by Giorgetti), which guarantees the integration of technical equipment with low electricity consumption, as well as other eco-responsible construction methods, such as the use of reusable materials or materials with a low impact in terms of pollution, reuse of earthworks, etc.

LBR plans to take possession of the premises in mid-2024, once the interior finishing work has been completed. The transaction was made possible thanks to the advice of JLL Luxembourg.

This article in Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.