One of Europe’s largest and oldest fairs, the Schueberfouer, kicked off with a bustling atmosphere on Wednesday 23 August at the Champs de Glacis. The fair, transforming the square into a lively fairground, will continue until Monday 11 September.

The Schueberfouer’s inaugural ceremony was attended by several elected officials and political figures, many of whom are in the midst of election campaigns. The opening festivities were marked by the time-honoured Hämmelsmarsch and a traditional ribbon-cutting. Musicians in blue outfits with red scarves led a parade of sheep adorned with ribbons in the national colours, setting the celebratory tone for the fair.

Visitors have already begun to explore the rides and attractions. This year’s Schueberfouer features an array of new experiences, from 46 thrilling rides to around 80 game stalls and shooting galleries. Food lovers will also be pleased with the 60-some different food outlets offering a variety of options.

Open daily from noon to 1:00am, with some food stalls operational as early as 11:00am, the fair expects to welcome about two million visitors by its final day on 11 September 2023.

This article was first published in French on . It has been translated and edited for Delano.