Check out the list of candidates for whom you can vote, by party and constituency, for the general elections on 8 October 2023. Archive photo: Guy Wolff / Maison Moderne

Check out the list of candidates for whom you can vote, by party and constituency, for the general elections on 8 October 2023. Archive photo: Guy Wolff / Maison Moderne

The government has just published the official list of candidates by party and constituency for the general election on 8 October. Here’s a summary.

Luxembourg voters will be to choose their next MPs. Here is a summary of the official lists, by constituency and by party, published by the government on Tuesday 22 August.

. As the Mir d’Vollek party did not submit a list for the parliamentary elections, the number allocated to it in the draw in April for the local elections--number 8--was not reallocated. This is why there’s a list number 13, despite the fact that only 12 parties submitted lists.

In the Centre

Ten parties each presented 21 candidates in the centre. and have been appointed regional list leaders for the LSAP. The DP candidates are and . For Déi Gréng, and . For the CSV, and . For déi Lénk, and Ana Correia Da Veiga. Tom Weidig and head the ADR list. The Piratepartei has Mandy Arendt and . has been appointed to represent Fokus in the Centre. Alain Herman is at the top of the KPL list for the Centre and for his newly created party, Liberté - Fräiheet!

In the East

Voters will have a choice of 11 parties in the East. Each party is fielding seven candidates, except Volt, which has three, with Fiona Godfrey at the top of the list. and Ben Streff head the LSAP list. and for the DP. and for déi Gréng. and Max Hengel for the CSV. Laurent Fisch and Adela Fuentes appear at the top of the list for déi Lénk. Alexandra Schoos and Robi Beissel head the ADR list. Daniel Frères and Angie Bisenius head the Piratepartei list. Jacques Linster has been nominated for Fokus. Finally, Wilhelm Haas and Patrick Mischel head the KPL and Liberté - Fräiheet! lists respectively.

In the North

There are 10 lists of nine candidates for the North. and Flore Schank head the list for the LSAP, and for the DP, and for déi Gréng, and for the CSV. The déi Lénk candidates have decided not to appoint a list leader. Jeff Engelen and Michel Lemaire head the ADR list, while Ben Polidori and Céline Achhammer head the Piratepartei list. Anne Winter represents Fokus. Carole Dentzer and Steve Schmitz head the Liberté - Fräiheet! list, while Serge Closter and Svenja Defays head the déi Konservativ list.

In the South

Twelve parties are each presenting 23 candidates in the South. and head the LSAP list. and head the DP list. and head the déi Gréng list. and will head the CSV list. déi Lénk has nominated four heads of list in the region: , Carole Thoma, Gary Diderich and Line Wies.  and will head the ADR list. and Morgan Engel for the Piratepartei. Luc Majerus for Fokus. At the top of the Volt list are Elisa Hippert and Becci-Sue Schmitz. Ali Ruckert and Dzenana Adrovic top the KPL list, Giovanni Patri and Perrine Felix top the Liberté - Fräiheet! list, and Roy Holzem and Joe Thein top the déi Konservativ list.

It should be noted that some parties have also appointed national heads of list. Luc Frieden . “The appointment of list leaders is defined in the statutes. It is up to the various party committees to initiate the necessary procedures, both for the national head of list and for the regional heads of list. The final vote is taken by the CSV delegates at the national convention,” he explains to Delano’s sister publication Paperjam. “The role of a head of list is, in a way, to be the leader of the candidates on the regional list at certain times.”

. Sam Tanson has been  and Fred Keup . Frank Engel .

This article was first published in French on . It has been translated and edited for Delano.