From 10 to 13 May

The state visit to Portugal in numbers

Grand Duke Henri at the closing ceremony of the Economic Forum in Lisbon on 12 May.  (Photo: cour grand-ducale/Sophie Margue)

Grand Duke Henri at the closing ceremony of the Economic Forum in Lisbon on 12 May.  (Photo: cour grand-ducale/Sophie Margue)

Luxembourg’s grand ducal couple is in Lisbon from 10 to 13 May, at the official invitation of the president of the Portuguese republic. An economic mission was also organised in parallel, with a dense programme of events. Let’s take a look at the trip in 10 numbers.


The number of state agreements and treaties that have been concluded between Luxembourg and Portugal since 1929, of which at least 27 are still in force.


Months it took to organise the trip for the 170-strong economic and cultural mission. A hashtag #LUinPortugal was specially created for the visit and is being displayed on Lisbon city buses throughout the week. The state visit was originally planned for 2020, so some of the organisation was already in place, but had to be postponed due to the health crisis. The court's press and protocol teams carried out a scouting trip in March to get a better idea of travel times and to define an appropriate programme.


This is the number of speeches and addresses that have been or will be given between 11 and 13 May by the two sovereigns, the official delegation and representatives from the economic and cultural mission. The general idea is the same: to give political, diplomatic and institutional credit to the bilateral exchanges that will take place at the international level and within companies.


Portugal’s ranking among European countries for the number of its graduates holding an engineering degree (20%). 26% of students enrolled in higher education courses are in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).


This is the global ranking of Portugal's start-up ecosystem in the top 100 emerging ecosystems. Antonio Dias Martins, executive director of Startup Portugal, recalled that there are around 2,150 start-ups and 150 incubators and accelerators, mainly in Lisbon and Porto. Startup Portugal was also the co-organiser of the "Interconnected ecosystems driving entrepreneurship and innovation” event held on 11 May in Lisbon in the presence of minister of the economy Franz FayotFranz Fayot (LSAP) and president of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce Luc FriedenLuc Frieden.


The number of participants at the event co-organised by Startup Luxembourg and Startup Portugal in Lisbon on 11 May. It offered two sessions of start-up pitches with representatives of the two ecosystems, and two round tables (innovation and investors).


This is Portugal's ranking among the 26 EU countries in terms of the attractiveness for foreign direct investment, according to an EY study carried out in 2020. Lisbon is the third most "healthily pleasant" city to live in, and the sixth most popular for the organisation of meetings and seminars, according to a study by the International Congress Association in 2021.


The share of computing capacity of the Meluxina supercomputer that the Luxembourg authorities have decided to allocate to companies, including start-ups. Meluxina is capable of performing 10 million billion operations per second (data processing and complex calculations). In the race for unicorns and fundraising, this is a strong argument deployed by Startup Luxembourg at the meeting of the Portuguese and Luxembourg ecosystems, in Lisbon on 11 May.


The  share of renewables in the total volume of energy produced by Portugal. A "significant lead" that the country has taken over Luxembourg in this field, as the grand duke emphasised in his speech at the National Palace in Belém.

20 minutes

The time it took the official motorcade (escorted by local police on motorbikes) to travel from the airport to the hotel instead of the usual 40 minutes at rush hour.

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.