The woodland singers

A dynamic duo: Tiffany Saska with guitarist Laurent, both pictured, lead the nature singing walks in Luxembourg Romain Gamba / Maison Moderne

A dynamic duo: Tiffany Saska with guitarist Laurent, both pictured, lead the nature singing walks in Luxembourg Romain Gamba / Maison Moderne

Take a walk in the Luxembourg woods this summer and it is not just birdsong you’ll hear. Depending on the day, you may be lucky enough to hear the singing of nature walkers.

After one of the most isolating years in living history, associations in Luxembourg are rallying to bringing people together again. Choral not for profit Inecc has found a novel way to help them overcome any residual anxiety from the health crisis—singing outside, in the woods.  

“You sense that people feel more safe. It’s not like in restaurants or a concert where I think that people don’t feel fully comfortable,” says Tiffany Saska, who has been leading the monthly “Sangen an der Nature” outings since May.

A keen singer who trained at the Conservatoire and an avid hiker, Saska immediately embraced the concept, as did participants. “It’s also a nice surprise for me whenever people come back. This is for me a good feedback,” she says.

Once a month, she selects a roughly 5-kilometre woodland walk for the meeting. At the appointed meeting, the group walks a little, does some warmup exercises and starts singing. The entire session lasts no more than three hours.

“At the beginning, during the first song, they are shy. Should ‘I sing loud?’ At the end we have quite a nice atmosphere. You can sing as loudly or as badly as you want. I don’t care. It’s about having a good time,” Saska says.

The coordinator, who also works at the Philharmonie, has had participants of all ages and nationalities, attending alone or with friends. Few have singing backgrounds or the time to commit to singing in a choir. That can sometimes be challenging so she is careful to select familiar songs and recently they have been accompanied by Laurent, a guitarist. During the last hike in Bourglinster, the group sang “Can’t help falling in love”, by Elvis, and “Hallelujah”. “Normally, people know the melodies so it makes it easy,” she says.

Join the next “Sangen an der Natur” events on 17 July (in Berdorf) and 11 September.

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